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AMETEK EMC highlights Nitinol laser processing for advanced medical tubes and devices

damage and efficient post-processing, ensuring quality and regulatory compliance. Ultrafast femtosecond laser systems further enhance Nitinol processing and product build. These systems emit ultra-short light pulses, reducing heat transfer and the need for extensive post processing. This technology accelerates production cycles, expediting go-to market of medical device innovations. AMETEK EMC’s Nitinol laser processing services include tailored laser cutting, welding and custom solutions for specific medical applications. The company’s commitment to continuous learning ensures it stays at the forefront of technology, providing comprehensive solutions for the medical device market. AMETEK Engineered Medical Components




Components, designs innovative solutions for medical device components, has highlighted Nitinol laser processing’s importance in enhancing patient treatment options. Nitinol’s properties of super-elasticity, shape memory and biocompatibility are crucial for various medical applications, including self-expanding stents, surgical tools and drug delivery systems. Its shape memory allows for deformation at lower temperatures and subsequent return to its original shape, facilitating minimally invasive procedures, enabling faster patient recovery time. The precision of laser processing technology is vital for manufacturing intricate medical devices. AMETEK EMC’s Laserage offers over 25 years of expertise in Nitinol laser processing to meet the most stringent performance requirements. Laser cutting and welding provide high precision, minimal thermal which

The precision of laser processing technology is vital for manufacturing intricate medical devices



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