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Mounting collars and couplings for hospital and rehabilitation equipment

requirements, Stafford shaft collars and couplings are offered in standard metric and inch sizes from 1/8" to 10" ID (couplings to 6" ID) to precisely match different shafts and positive drive systems. Bores can include hex, square, round, keyed and a variety of threaded types. Stafford Manufacturing Corp

physical therapy devices, wheelchairs and trolleys. Featuring set collars, clamp type and hinge collars along with couplings, shaft extenders and other adjustment devices, they are robust and precise, to ensure that components are properly aligned. Available in a wide range of anodised aluminium colours to match branding

A full line of shaft collars, mounting collars, couplings and related com- ponents for use in a wide range of hospital and rehabilitation equipment has been introduced by Stafford Manufacturing Corp. Stafford shaft collars and couplings are offered in aluminium, steel and stain- less steel for use in rehabilitation equipment such as exercise machines,

Safeguarding bridge infrastructure with security fasteners

The five-lobe pin fasteners were selected for enhanced security level (rated level 2) and their drive/tooling, which is manufactured

Bridges are more than just concrete and steel structures: they connect communities, facilitate commerce and contribute to the overall infrastructure of a region. Ensuring their longevity, safety and functionality is of great importance. One often overlooked aspect of bridge maintenance and security is the use of security fasteners. For the Golden Jubilee footbridge over the Thames in London, UK, Hafren Fasteners five-lobe pin security fasteners were used to secure steel footplates that protect sensitive electrical equipment for lighting systems.

Hafren’s five-lobe pin product range

translates to longer intervals between maintenance activities and fewer replacements. The enhanced security provided by these fasteners minimises unauthorised access and tampering, preventing removal or tampering of key components such as lighting, hand/guard rails and electrical components. As a result, the overall lifespan of the bridge and its components is extended. The reduction in the frequency of main- tenance and replacement activities also contributes to a smaller environmental footprint: fewer materials are consumed, and less energy is expended in the production, transportation and instal- lation of replacement parts. Bridges often house valuable equip- ment such as electrical components and monitoring systems that are susceptible to theft and vandalism, which can disrupt operations and compromise safety. Security fasteners act as a deterrent to unauthorised access, safeguarding valuable equipment and preventing potential disruptions. Hafren Fasteners

for precision high-torque applications. The range was also chosen for its high corrosion resistance, due to being stocked in A4-70 stainless steel, which offers corrosion resistance even in marine environments. Traditional fasteners are susceptible to tampering, corrosion and wear, leading to frequent maintenance and replacement cycles. Hafren Security Fasteners, designed with tamper resistant features and durable materials, are more resistant to these issues. This

The Golden Jubilee footbridge in London

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November 2023

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