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FX 3-A Cordless stud fusion system

Steel fastening with cordless stud fusion system

expect consistency with repeatable fastenings. The Active Fusion Indicator (AFI) gives the installer real-time feedback to help improve the quality of fastening. “The new FX 3-A Cordless stud fusion system is a game-changing departure from how the industry currently approaches fastening on steel – it helps to save time and resources while increasing reliability and safety,” said Norbert Tiringer, Hilti North America’s director of marketing for energy and industry. “This system’s simplicity will also help free up skilled labour to focus on more complex tasks without compromising on this step of construction.” Hilti, Inc

ment and construction. When com bined with modular systems like Hilti’s MT or Oglaend portfolios, the new fastening method enables greater use of supports. This is a result of the stronger connection to steel, which is often the weak point of supports with other methods. Studs are available with international approvals and corrosion resistance (up to C5 in highly corrosive environments). Hilti states that the system gives customers more flexibility and more capacity to finish work earlier. It is also a cleaner system, with no welding slag, burn marks or ceramic ring waste. When using an optional sealing washer with S-BT-MR SN threaded stud, post painting is not required. With the easier to-follow H-code setting customers can

Hilti North America, a provider of tools, technology, software and services to the commercial construction industry, has developed the FX 3-A Cordless stud fusion system for fastening on steel. The new system covers higher loads and thinner base materials than previous Hilti products. The fast and fully mobile and autonomous system needs no power cables. The fastening method helps shield users from heat and gas. With virtually no sparks, splatters or fumes and no angle grinder needed for the surface preparation, it also offers advantages from a health and safety perspective. Compared to welding and other meth ods such as bolting and clamping, cord less stud fusion allows more speed and flexibility in engineering, procure

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