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Special fasteners processed in vacuum furnace A plant producing advanced fasteners for manufacturers in the aerospace industry has ordered a Vector® vacuum furnace from Seco/Warwick. The furnace will be delivered in a standard configuration and will meet the global aviation industry’s highest requirements.

“We’re constantly looking at new solutions like the ZEVX technology to help move the industry forward and potentially accelerate our own carbon reduction journey.” With a proof-of-concept stage complete, the company will now conduct a six-state trial utilising the ZEVX premier battery electric powertrain and power system products to re-power up to 16 Fastenal vehicles in 2023. Vacuum furnaces use vacuum (created by air evacuation) as the protective atmosphere for the heat-treated part surfaces. Their main advantages are their versatility and the ability to carry out processes traditionally carried out in atmospheric furnaces. Differences in the vacuum furnace construction as well as the method of conducting the processes minimises both media consumption and emissions to the environment. Seco/Warwick SA purity of the gas used during the process. Vector also features a partial pressure control system that helps prevent evaporation and sublimation of alloying elements from the load surface during the vacuum heat treatment.

“Our Vector furnace is perfectly suited to meet the fastener heat treatment challenges, while meeting all required aviation standards,” said Maciej Korecki, vice president of the vacuum furnace segment at Seco/Warwick. “The heating process for these materials requires extraordinary purity, which is why the presence of two gases is important: argon – used for partial pressure, and nitrogen – used mainly in the cooling process. The customer required a very short cooling cycle, which is achieved with a 15 bar ABS gas blower. These are the Vector vacuum furnace standard features.” The furnace is equipped with a dew point sensor for each of the gases. The system solves one of heat treatment’s critical requirements: to control the quality/

The machine will process self-locking nuts, nut plates, barrel nuts, stud nuts, spline nuts and clamp nuts, as well as a wide range of washers and flanges. The Italian partner is an innovator in the field of comprehensive fastening solutions, and the Vector furnace will become part of a modern production plant. The furnace on order is a standard solution suited to aviation industry needs, and operates at temperatures up to 1,300°C.

Fastenal selects ZEVX for trial to electrify trucks Fastenal Company has selected ZEVX™, a specialist in electric vehicle (EV) systems, for an operational trial to convert pickup trucks in its fleet to EVs. delivery fleet,” said Sydney Dunn, SVP of sales and field operations at ZEVX. “We share the bold goals of lowering carbon emissions while improving efficiencies, decreasing costs and extending the life of existing commercial vehicles.”

“We are committed to helping Fastenal incorporate EV technology in its last-mile

ZEVX has a series of battery electric powertrain and power system products that quickly migrate Class 2 to 5 commercial fleet assets and auxiliary power systems to zero carbon. of transportation, said, “With so many vehicles in operation around the world, we want to be a driver of innovation and efficiency in commercial transportation. Larson, Fastenal’s VP

Fastenal fleet vehicles in the trial will be converted to EVs

Kevin Fastenal Company ZEVX, Inc MW expands products through Elgin acquisition MW Components, a provider of precision components, has announced the acquisition of Elgin Fastener Group.

customers in more than 75 countries with a variety of metal component products, including springs, fasteners, bellows, couplings and shims. The companies’ combined capabilities will position MW Components to provide custom manufacturing services to a worldwide customer base. MW Components

“Elgin Fastener Group is uniquely positioned to grow the MW Components portfolio of brands,” said Simon Newman, CEO of MW Components. “Together, we are one of the largest suppliers of fasteners in the United States, offering both highly engineered custom fasteners as well as in-stock and ready-to-ship parts for a wide variety of industries.” Elgin Fasteners is a single-source supplier of speciality fasteners with seven locations and a product breadth spanning fasteners to wire forms. The combined company will support

The acquisition closed on 8 September 2023 and expands MW Components’ existing US-based manufacturing locations to provide fasteners and metal components for global distribution. The combined company will offer a comprehensive set of speciality fasteners, including custom fasteners such as nuts, bolts, rivets and screws, along with an extensive catalogue of in-stock components.

Elgin Fastener Group

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