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Special compounds for special cables

Shougang places another major order with Tenova LOI In December 2019, the Chinese company Shougang Qian’an Electrical Vehicle Steel Co, Ltd signed a major order with Tenova LOI Thermprocess, a specialist in the field of heat treatment plants. The order included the heat treatment portion (furnace system) for two annealing and coating lines (ACL) for non-grain-oriented (NGO) electrical strip. The two furnace systems, for which the basic design is almost complete, bear the internal designation SACL 7 and 8, and will meet the requirements for the production of non-grain-oriented electrical steel. They are at the core of treatment lines for electrical steel with exact temperature control, changing gas compositions, a precisely working slow and fast cooling system, and an automated working method. The scope of the contract includes engineering, the largely turnkey delivery of all furnace-related key components, supervision of assembly, commissioning and training. In addition to the electrical equipment belonging to the furnaces, the control components as well as the associated software and a mathematical furnace management model are to be supplied. Local provision and support will be provided by Tenova Technologies Tianjin Co Ltd, a Tenova subsidiary in China. references for comparable systems, the short implementation time and the proven mathematical model were important factors that led Shougang to choose LOI technology. Shougang has been operating seven modern lines for the heat treatment of electrical steel (GO) for years, where the heat treatment part has always been supplied by Tenova LOI. In the period 2000-2020, Tenova received a total of 61 orders for heat treatment systems for electrical steel. 35 plants were completely new. In the past ten years, LOI Thermprocess has been selected a total of seven times as a supplier for annealing and coating systems for the heat treatment of dynamo strip. Shougang Qian’an Electrical Vehicle Steel is a subsidiary of Shougang Iron & Steel, based in Beijing, China. It is a major steel company in China and one of the three largest electrical sheet producers in the country. Tenova SpA The large number of

▲ ▲ Mixer focuses on compounds for the cable market

Mixer SpA offers solutions based on proprietary technologies, invented and refined over two decades. Its Ekopren® brand is a portfolio of compounds for insulation, sheathing and bedding. For shipboard and offshore applications, Mixer offers grades meeting the IEC 60092-360 and NEK 606 specifications. Ekopren 3SH821 and Ekopren 3SH831 halogen-free and flame-retardant sheathings were developed with a high oil resistance, to pass the SHF 2 and MUD requirements. For rolling stock cables according to EN 50264, Mixer has set up a full solution. To ensure high electrical insulation, Ekopren 3IS75L is implemented as inner insulation, coupled with Ekopren 3IS771 for outer insulation, suitable as EI 101 to EI 104 insulation. Alternatively, Ekopren 3IS801 can be used as EI 106 to EI 110 insulation. Finally, Ekopren 3SH821 acts as the EM 101 to EM 104 sheathing. The Ekopren range also includes low voltage insulation compounds that meet standards for automotive cables. Ekopren 3IS941 is intended for battery cables according to ISO 6722 and SAE J1127. For primary cables, Ekopren 3IS911 adheres to SAE J1128 only, and Ekopren 3IS931 can be used for both SAE J1128 and ISO 6722. Ekopren 3IS951 is an option for ISO 6722 thin wall applications. In addition to product development, Mixer is committed to scientific research, with the aim of offering innovation to customers and to the cable industry. In 2016, Mixer presented a paper introducing the TPV technology: Galanti A, Dossi S, Magri A, Cardelli C, TPV based insulation for medium voltage applications. The company then studied the relationship between the ultimate properties of these compounds and the microscopic structure. The results of this investigation are reported in the latest published paper: Ciardelli F, Dossi S, Galanti A, Magri A, Riolo S, Molecular evolution during dynamic vulcanisation of polyolefin mixtures for lead-free thermoplastic vulcanised. The exclusive focus on products for the cable market enables Mixer to provide compounds designed to ensure efficiency to customers. The company will present its complete Ekopren portfolio in Düsseldorf, Germany, during wire 2020, on stand E74 in hall 12. Mixer SpA


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