EuroWire November 2022

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Magnetic Analysis Corp NDT test instruments and systems for inspecting wire, bar, tube and pipe will be featured at the stand of Magnetic Analysis Corp (MAC) and Inmar Engineering Corp – MAC’s agent in India. Highlights will be the Minimac® eddy current tester and information on MAC’s latest Echomac® phased array ultrasonic systems for testing ERW welded tube. The Minimac 50/55 for detecting short surface and some subsurface defects at speeds up to 4,000 fpm will be demon- strated using a linear rail eddy current coil holder while testing ½" diameter stainless steel tube. This eddy current instrument is also often used for inspecting welding wire, including flux core wire where it can detect missing flux as well as flaws in the wire itself. It can also find weld-line faults in tube and check continuity in single and multi-conductor insulated wire and cable. Using an MID option, the Minimac can detect magnetic inclusions in non magnetic product. MAC’s MultiMac® eight-channel eddy current instrument is used to detect surface defects and laps in cold drawn wire and high-speed operations. Information will be available on MAC’s Echomac PA TW phased array UT robot system, installed recently at a US tube mill. This new system is able to measure the tube profile and monitor the scarfing trim tool operation in the heat affected zone, often within 40 feet of the welder, at temperatures up to 122°C (252°F). This upstream location in the weld line gives

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the operator instant feedback when the scarfing tool is bad or broken, allowing immediate adjustment of the welding operation and preventing scrap. Information on the Echomac 25mm UT rotary, which is designed for applications such as tubular product for nuclear and aerospace installations, will also be available at the stand. The full-body test equipment provides 100 per cent coverage at high throughput rates on product ranging from 5 to 25mm diameter. The 630mm overall length of the rotary allows for ease of installation when upgrading existing inspection lines.

Linear rail coil holder demonstrates Minimac eddy current instrument

Information on MAC’s full range of eddy current, ultrasonic and flux leakage test systems for inspecting wire, bar and tube will be available at the stand. Magnetic Analysis Corp

Mikrotek Machines Ltd Mikrotek has designed and developed a safe machine for polishing the inner profile of tungsten carbide dies. The polishing is performed manually using a wooden stick. The machine has a pneumatic foot switch that operates the die-holding collet for locking TBA

and unlocking. It can produce uniform polishing of the inner profile with good roundness, close tolerance and smooth surface. The machine, which is supplied with CE certification, can operate for die sizes ranging from 0.1 to 10mm, and can hold casing sizes ranging from 16 to 43mm diameter. It also features a high spindle rotation speed of 2,800 rpm. An electro-pneumatically controlled self-centring spin- dle allows quick locking and unlocking of dies, and also makes operation easier. Mikrotek Machines Ltd

Mikrotek pneumatic hand polishing machine for TC dies

Invented in 1952.

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November 2022

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