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New moisture curable compounds

The new EKOgraft grades will first be available for photovoltaic applications, with the portfolio being expanded for more applications over the following months. The new brand adds to the existing EKOPREN® portfolio: a series of rubber insulation and sheathing compounds that can be crosslinked by standard continuous vulcanisation lines or by electron beam irradiation. The product line also includes flame retardant thermoplastic bedding, an added value for the cables to meet the stringent requirements of international fire safety standards, including those set by CPR, UL, IEC and other regulatory bodies. Mixer states that “Wired differently” also reflects the company’s story. Since its foundation, it has created its own The more charges added, the higher the fire resistance. Different grades of fire resistance in the TPU on the market each have a different shade of white. This creates challenges for cable manufacturers, as each grade of TPU requires a specific colour masterbatch. In this context, Delta Tecnic has developed a single masterbatch capable of covering the same colour in the different ranges of TPU. This harmonisation of cable colours allows cable manufacturers to simplify production processes and reduce required masterbatch references. Rather than having to use a specific colour masterbatch reference for each TPU compound according to its fire resistance, the solution offered by Delta Tecnic allows a single colour masterbatch to cover the different TPU compounds, simplifying the number of references and unifying the final colour of the cables manufactured, regardless of the degree of flame retardant required. The key to this solution lies in the economy of scale and the optimisation of production. Although the masterbatch used for white-coloured TPU is more expensive (because of the higher pigment load needed to obtain the

Mixer SpA has launched the new EKOgraft® series of moisture curable compounds, designed, formulated and produced with a reinvented process. With more than 25 years of experience in the cable industry, Mixer deployed its technical, engineering and commercial knowledge to propose a completely different way of producing moisture curable compounds, to add effectiveness and consistency to cable manufacturers’ production. Mixer is promoting the concept for EKOgraft using the phrase “Wired differently” – chosen to represent the different approach behind the new series of compounds that allows a simpler, faster and more flexible production. The simplification of the process was made possible by analysis of customer needs and using the latest technology, while complying with international standards and requirements. Delta Tecnic is a specialist in the production of masterbatch for the cable and PVC industry. In a market where customisation and quality are highly valued, the company has simplified and optimised the process of colouring TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) cables by using a single masterbatch per colour. TPU – one of the most widely used polymers in special cables – offers resistance to rubbing and the ability to withstand continuous and mechanical movements. However, fire resistance is a critical factor in many applications, both in buildings and machinery. With the increase in fire-safety-related restrictions, the demand for more fire-resistant TPU cables has been increasing. To make TPU flame retardant it is necessary to add fire-retardant fillers such as white-coloured mineral fillers.

innovative solutions: producing rubber compounds in pellet form instead of strips; investing in in-house developed machinery and equipment to control production and plant; and strongly believing in research and development. Mixer SpA Andrea Magrì, Mixer’s strategic project manager, works to support customers worldwide in the discovery of new products

Simplifying the colouring of TPU cables with a single masterbatch

correct colour), the increase in batch size and the consolidation of individual productions have enabled a single masterbatch to be obtained. This not only generates cost savings for manufacturers, but also reduces the material needed in inventory. TPU has become increasingly important in the cable industry, particularly in electric vehicle charging. Its flexibility, resistance and outdoor-use properties make it suitable for cables in applications such as charging stations and in electric vehicles themselves. Manuel Miret, area manager and new product developer at Delta Tecnic, said, “The solution we have developed for colouring special cables with polymers such as TPU marks an important advance in the industry. By offering a single masterbatch per colour capable of covering all ranges of TPU, we simplify and optimise cable production processes. It is a clear example of how customisation and quality can go hand in hand in the cable industry, offering solutions adapted to the needs of each application.” Delta Tecnic

Delta Tecnic specialises in masterbatch for cables


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