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Solar cable packaging for sustainable energy sector

changeover between product sizes; and optional labelling, boxing and palletising, all in an operator-friendly, safe and ergonomic design. “Change on the fly” function- ality enables real-time adjust- ments to the packaging process.

Global demand for solar cables has increased with the shift towards renewable energy sources. Solar energy consumption experienced growth of 22 per cent in 2022 – a trend set to continue as countries pursue renewable energy targets. To meet this demand, solar cable manufacturers require adaptable and efficient packaging equipment. Windak’s AR Series of equipment includes single- or dual-head fully automatic spoolers designed for cable and wire products on spools and reels between 216 and 800mm (8.5" to 32") in diameter, with an output of up to 2.5 spools per minute. The AR machines accommodate cable diameters from 3 to 20mm (0.12" to 0.8"), offering a wide range of reel sizes. The manufacturer states that the typical ROI for such a spooler is less than 24 months. Features include precise winding and tension control; intelligent scrap han dling system; servo-controlled dancer; “no break“ stretch wrap system; quick

Windak fully automatic spooler

box or inverter serial numbers, and metre markings on the cable, ensuring accurate and efficient installation. The “print reset to zero” capability allows seamless communication between the equipment and an inkjet printer, ensuring accurate printing of cable specifications by resetting the print count to zero when required, and maintaining consistency and traceability in solar cable packaging. The in-line operation option eliminates the need for a separate rewind process. Windak OÜ

Manufacturers can seamlessly update cable markings and labels while the machine is running, optimising efficiency and minimising downtime. The Windak AR Spooler allows solar cable manufacturers to modify critical data, including cable length and spool label information. This is useful for preparing pre-assembled wiring kits, where cable markings serve as references for solar system components. With precise cutting and seamless label printing and application capabilities, manufacturers can include details such as solar panel serial numbers, controller


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