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Wire drawing die-tool processing equipment

The company manufactures sophisticated but easy to-operate machines for reconditioning, grinding and profiling dies with minimal human operator intervention.

Eder Engineering GmbH in Vienna, Austria, has more than 75 years’ specialist experience, and exports 98 per cent of its output worldwide, directly and via a network of international representations. The company’s product range consists of approximately 90 per cent machines, five per cent special wire drawing die tools and five per cent software (technical assistance). processing equipment for reconditioning and production of all kinds of ultra-hard precision wire drawing dies, measuring and control devices, and all necessary ancillary equipment to the international wire-, cable- and tool-producing industry. Eder supplies die-tool

Drawing die reconditioning equipment from Eder

Eder states that its machines are known for their long service life, quality, flexibility, efficiency and low-maintenance requirements. Some Eder machines are still in use 55 years after installation. The manufacturer says that the benefits of investing in Eder machines include a reduced necessary stock of dies; longer die service life and higher tons productivity and safety on the factory floor. Fully compatible with Sleeper Hartley and Vaughn-style puller assemblies common across the industry, the Thumb Release mechanism opens both jaws simultaneously to allow one handed operation, simplifying wire insertion and removal. Sjogren offers a full line of pullers, chains and hooks that are compatible with Sleeper-Hartley-style puller assemblies, Morgan-style assemblies and Vaughn style blocks. An important variable to consider is operator preference: the style of puller the operator is currently using, and what

of drawn wire; minimum personnel requirement; accurate and flexible refurbishment of dies as required; increased competitiveness, eg for just-in time orders; transparency over die stock and refurbishment cost; and in-house independence. Eder Engineering GmbH

Choosing the right puller For more than 90 years, Sjogren Industries has been committed to an “any system, any part” approach to customisation in its wire tooling equip- ment, including its line of puller grips.

the operator likes/dislikes about the current operation. Additional wire/die pull data needed includes pointed wire diameter/pointed wire diameter range; maximum die-pull; wire tensile strength; per cent reduction area; wire toughness or hardness; type of drawing block hook-up – side or top-hole hook; and the length of puller assembly required. The Sjogren team can analyse pro- duction models and work with the customer to engineer the right solutions.

The company provides fundamental guidelines for selecting the right puller for an application, and its engineering team is available to help establish safe, productive wire pulling operations, suggesting solutions that can improve efficiency and control costs. The Thumb Release puller grip is a product designed by and only available from Sjogren. It was inspired by the practical realities that affect efficiency,

Sjogren Industries

In-house die polishing and re-grinding Ajex & Turner’s in-house tungsten carbide die polishing and re-grinding machine for drawing dies and heading dies (fastener industry) have been used around the world since 1962. The company also manufactures many types of die polishing accessories, such as diamond powder, diamond paste, slurry, measuring pins, (go/no-go), die polishing pins, steel needles and grinding machines for better die life and performance.

dies and round extrusion dies, working on both the reduction zone and parallel cylindrical portion. The distance between pin and die can be adjusted, and reverse jaws can be used for larger casing sizes. Precise CNC marking is provided for accurate angles. The machine consists of a heavy, solid base with X- and Y-axis table. Both chuck rotation and spindle reciprocating speeds are variable, and are adjustable according to die size. An emergency switch is provided for safety. Ajex & Turner Wire Technologies (P) Ltd

The air-cooled model TCD-11 is used for 50mm sizes and can be increased up to 120mm, with a 24,000-rpm spindle speed. It is suitable for in-house polishing and re-grinding of round tungsten carbide dies for the wire drawing and fastener industry.

It can also be used for polishing heading

Ajex & Turner’s model TCD-11


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