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New compound for the automotive cable compound sector

Melos has introduced Mecoline IS RDX 5267 F – a new compound for the automotive sector. The radiation crosslinkable insulation compound has

been specifically developed for ISO 6722 T4 Class D applications and features a formulation that is particularly suited to thin-walled structures.

The manufacturer states that Mecoline IS RDX 5267 F is establishing itself as a high-performance material in the automotive industry. Its temperature resistance makes the compound suitable for use under extreme conditions in the engine compartment. Reliable cable performance is ensured by its resistance to engine fluids, and safety is provided by the high flame retardancy. the longevity of the cables, even under challenging conditions. In combination with its electrical properties, the compound’s features underline its performance. As a specialist in radiation-crosslinkable cable compounds, Melos products meet high quality standards and are approved worldwide by automotive cable manufacturers. Melos GmbH Abrasion resistance ensures

The new Mecoline compound is targeted at the automotive industry

Wi-Fi 6E antennas to enhance wireless connectivity Amphenol RF, a specialist in interconnect solutions, has launched a range of Wi-Fi 6E antennas, to address the growing demand for faster, more reliable Internet connections. Wi-Fi 6E is the latest evolution in wireless networking, offering increased bandwidth and reduced interference for enhanced performance. Amphenol RF’s new antennas are engineered to exploit the full potential of Wi-Fi 6E to provide users with speed and reliability in their wireless networks. Key features of the internal, external and embedded antennas include optimised performance, high gain, multi band support and a compact design. Amphenol RF’s Wi-Fi 6E antennas are suitable for a wide range of applications, including smart homes, industrial automation and healthcare. A variety of multi-band 50 ohm IoT antennas are available that operate up to 7.125 GHz and support triple bands. The antennas are available in both monopole and dipole configurations to meet the requirements of specific designs and to allow faster speeds with reduced latency. Amphenol RF


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