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New standards in diameter measurement Sikora’s new Laser Pro is claimed to set higher standards in the field of cable diameter measurement. With a design based on the established Laser series, which has been used in numerous extrusion lines worldwide for several decades, the new series includes additional user advantages. The Laser Pro comprises three models for product dimensions from 0.1 to 51mm. The diffraction analysis in combination with pulse-controlled laser diodes results in 500,000 measuring points per second per measuring axis in the entire measuring field, providing 5,000 accurately measured values per second per measuring axis. This ensures that the values supplied are both accurate and repeatable. With a short exposure time of less than one millionth of a second, the individual measured values per second per axis are captured with maximum image sharpness. This ensures measuring accuracy, even at high line speeds with product vibrations. The non-contact measuring technology of the Laser Pro works entirely without moving parts and is therefore maintenance- and wear-free. A single calibration before delivery ensures precision for the lifetime of the device. The availability of the laser measuring heads is 99.8 per cent. The Laser Pro offers the option of FFT analysis to detect periodically recurring variations in cable parameters, and to predict the expected return loss (SRL). The measuring heads feature a compact and slim design, with the optical components being located in protected areas.

The measuring values are clearly visualised on the Ecocontrol

Diffraction analysis detects unavoidable, gradually occurring contamination in real time and reports it. All models are designed to be open at the bottom so that neither water nor dirt can fall into the measuring head. The swivelling measuring head concept allows the device to be swivelled out of the working area if required.

The measured values of the Laser Pro are displayed on the Ecocontrol. Trend data, statistical functions, FFT and SRL analyses can also be viewed. The Set Point control module can be used to control the diameter to the set point or minimum value. Sikora AG Cryopellets for homogeneous colours in PVC film

commented, “It’s a journey of no return: once you switch to using single-pigment masterbatches, you never go back to using pigments.” In the production of cryopellets, Delta Tecnic carries out a micronisation process, which involves a careful reduction in the size of the conventional masterbatch, ensuring that it maintains its essential properties. Safe and effective handling is achieved by using nitrogen to freeze the masterbatch before grinding, avoiding product degradation and maintaining its quality. Delta Tecnic

proposes the use of single-pigment masterbatches, which ensure uniform and repeatable colouring. This approach eliminates the need to deal with pigments that are difficult to disperse, highly volatile, dirty and inconsistent in colour, and therefore reduces waste and optimises efficiency in production. With a focus on customisation and adaptability, Delta Tecnic also enables PVC film compounders to create a wide range of bespoke colours, meeting the specific demands of their customers. Manuel Miret, area manager and new product developer at Delta Tecnic,

Masterbatch developer Delta Tecnic offers colour precision to PVC film compounders in the calendering sector, and is urging the industry to adopt cryopellets – single-pigment masterbatches that act as a solution to create personalised and homogeneous colours in a simple and effective way. pigment formulation can be low between batches manufactured on different dates. The use of pigments causes colour variation between batches of the same formulation, requiring corrections to be made at the beginning of production until the desired colour is achieved. Instead of formulating with pigments to obtain the required tone, Delta Tecnic The repeatability of a


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