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First shipment of new no twist coiler Lämneå Bruk has shipped the first of its new No Twist Coiler Multi-Wire Take-Up machines. The new machine offers advanced capabilities tailored to meet the needs of wire manufacturers. It is designed to handle a variety of in-line, multi-wire operations, providing flexibility and efficiency in production processes. It is particularly suited to use in post-annealing or annealing galvanising processes, ensuring performance across different wire types, including low- and high-tensile variants. A notable feature of the machine is its twist-free wire technology, which maintains the quality standards of the wire throughout the coiling process. This ensures consistency

The first No Twist Coiler Multi-Wire Take-Up has been shipped

and reliability in the final product, meeting the stringent requirements of customers in various industries. Lämneå Bruk AB

Sikora awarded as market champion The Bremen-based Sikora AG is again among the 450 leaders of the German speaking economic area in 2024, according to the University of St Gallen in cooperation with the magazine WirtschaftsWoche (Economic Week) and the Academy of German Business Leaders. segment and have annual sales of at least €50mn, at least 50 per cent of which is generated abroad on at least three continents.

“This is an absolute team effort. Our aim is to offer innovative solutions for our customers. This includes further developments of existing products as well as new technologies that meet the diverse requirements of our customers.” Each year, Sikora invests more than ten per cent of its revenue in the research and development of new measuring and control technology and inspection, analysis and sorting systems for quality assurance during the production of wires and cables, tubes, hoses, pipes and sheets, optical fibres or plastics.

Only official figures are included in the evaluation, such as published annual financial statements from the Federal Gazette or the latest annual financial statements of listed companies in the current survey. Sikora was one of three companies from Bremen, Germany, to receive the award. “Since our company was founded over 50 years ago, Sikora has been known for future-oriented technologies,” said CEO Dr Christian Frank. “We are delighted about the repeated award as world market leader champion.

This is the sixth time since 2016 that the company has been listed in the ranking of the “world market leader champions”, which is published annually by WirtschaftsWoche . 450 companies are selected as world market leader by the University of St Gallen and the Academy of German Business Leaders according to a strict procedure. The winners are number one or two in at least one relevant market






international subsidiaries.

Sikora AG

Investment in Setic Pourtier to accelerate growth and sustainable development

sales structure of the US subsidiary; upgrading facilities in Roanne with new R&D capabilities; and rebranding the group as Setic Pourtier on the occasion of its 75 th anniversary, combining the legacy of both historical brands. Thierry Collard, CEO and strategic shareholder of Setic Pourtier, commented, “I am delighted to have secured the redeployment of Setic Pourtier, keeping ownership in French hands and ensuring a promising future for our team while consolidating our growth trajectory that has taken us from

a period of crisis to outstanding financial performance in just two years.” Delphine Inesta, managing partner at Arcole, was also enthusiastic: “We are thrilled about this investment that gives Arcole the opportunity to support an industrial company with a French footprint and a global reach, based on a century-long legacy of technical excellence and innovation.” Setic Pourtier Arcole

Arcole, a French private equity fund, in partnership with long-standing shareholder and CEO Thierry Collard, has announced a new phase of growth of Setic, a designer and manufacturer of machinery for the wire and cable industry based in Roanne and Paris, France. The strategic investment aims to accelerate Setic’s development, and enables a significant deleveraging, placing the company in a good position to capitalise on the favourable market trends anticipated in the coming years. Initial steps will include enhancing the


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