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Investment in capacity expansion Owing to increased demand from newly developed markets, the Dorstener Drahtwerke Group is investing heavily in the USA and in its headquarters in the German Ruhr region.

intentions behind the extensive investments, which are due to be completed in 2024, managing director Volker Tüshaus said, “We are certain that, following the reorganisation of wire production at the two sites, we will not only be able to respond more flexibly and efficiently to customer requirements, but will also be more robust in the event of regional fluctuations in demand. The more favourable business and investment climate also speaks in favour of the US market.”

For decades, almost 70 per cent of production capacity at the Dorstener Drahtwerke site was destined for the graphic arts industry, but digitalisation and the associated changes in reading habits have caused this volume to shrink significantly in recent years. It has been replaced by various new applications that are more future proof, such as the production of high-carbon brush wires, (dental) medical wires or technical wires for use in hydrogen electrolysis. The Dorstener Drahtwerke Group has been progressing with the modernisation of the Dorsten site since 2022, in order to prepare for continued growth in demand for products with a high degree of specialisation in terms of materials, mechanical properties and surface quality. In 2023, the go-ahead was given for the expansion of the US plant in York, Pennsylvania. In addition to the purchase of a bell annealer, including a hydrogen option, investments will be made in York in machinery for coating with copper, nickel, zinc and tin. Wet and dry drawing capacities have also been, and are currently being, expanded. With these measures, the family-owned company believes it is well positioned for the long term. Explaining the strategic

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The new hall at the Dorsten site (bottom left) has been equipped with machinery to supply future demands

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