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CEO Christina Leibinger with the German Innovation Award-nominated IQJET

Industrial printer nominated for German innovation award

into the system. The new cartridges are designed to empty to the last drop. In terms of power, the IQJET draws only 36W on average. The Smart.OS technology of IQJET offers straightforward installation and easy operation. With a diverse range of interfaces, including OPC UA and an integrated PLC, IQJET integrates into any packaging line. The latest HMI provides an intuitive user experience through drag & drop functionality. Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co KG

downtime. The IQJET is maintenance-free for five years. It has no constantly running feed pump, to reduce wear and tear on components. During breaks in production, printers can become clogged as ink dries on the printhead, leading to lengthy cleaning cycles prior to resuming production. The IQPrint technology used in IQJET eliminates this, combining automatic nozzle-sealing technology with a new smart ink management system. By automatically sealing the ink circuit, IQJET uses less ink. It also condenses evaporated solvent and feeds it back

Leibinger’s new IQJET industrial printer has been nominated for the German Innovation Award, operated and judged by the German Design Council. Continuous inkjet printing (CIJ) is part of the production process for printing onto a variety of products, from food packing and furniture to eggs and electronics. The printed information – barcodes, batch numbers, expiry dates, etc – is important for the tracking of products and the digital operation of supply chains. Leibinger designed the IQJET to address concerns such as sustainability and


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