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Modular, flexible and expandable palletising

In addition to complete production lines, Kurre Systems is increasingly specialising in the end-of-line sector, offering a wide range of solutions from palletising and labelling to dispensing faulty products and stretch wrapping entire full pallets. All components are modular: from the palletising areas and the gripper arm to the stretch film, all elements are customisable, allowing the machine to be adapted to changing requirements throughout its life cycle. “Many small details in the design of the machine and its individual components make this possible,” said Marco Kreuzkam, sales representative at Kurre Systems. “A customer can initially start with minimal equipment, consisting of one palletising station with manual ejection system and a three-axis system, for example. However, if the requirements change, we can react in a targeted manner, add missing functions and expand the machine.” Equipment can be easily expanded to include additional palletising stations (such as storage stations for intermediate and top layers) or an automated ejection system for faulty spools or coils, and the gripper pintle (for spools) can be converted to a gripper arm (for coils). “Many suppliers on the market offer palletising systems, but at Kurre Systems the major advantages are in the details,” continued Mr Kreuzkam.

Interleaved empty spools

“Due to the daily changes in production conditions, our in house experts have developed a concept for the most flexible solution to protect our customers’ investment as long as possible.” The pallet dispenser, for example, can be adapted to accommodate a wide range of pallet dimensions and orientations. The product gripper of the palletising system offers many options. A fully equipped four-axis system enables the movement and palletising of spools horizontally or vertically.

The four-axis system with gripper pintle and integrated vacuum unit positions spools precisely

Additional integrated vacuum arms ensure reliable placement of intermediate and top layers. Gripper arms are used for processing ring goods. Many customers also have special needs for labelling. Depending on the requirements, labels can be applied to the spools and rings fully automatically. Labels are either placed on the product or on the flange of the spools. Products can also be labelled at various positions. A semi- or fully automatic final stretch unit ensures additional securing for the products. The unit is designed to handle even very thin foils. Kurre Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH


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