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Commercial Metals Company acquires EDSCO Fasteners

transmission capacity and wind power installations.” CMC and its subsidiaries manufacture, recycle and fabricate steel and metal products and provide related materials and services through a network of facilities that includes seven electric arc furnace (EAF) mini mills, three EAF micro mills, one re-rolling mill, steel fabrication and processing plants, construction related product warehouses, and metal recycling facilities in the USA and Poland. Commercial Metals Company

North Carolina. Since its founding in 1985, EDSCO has grown into a major provider of anchor cages for concrete reinforcement. “This acquisition further advances CMC’s leadership position in construction reinforcement and extends our capa- bilities to new and growing applications,” said Barbara R Smith, chairman of the board and chief executive officer. “EDSCO’s innovative reinforcement solutions are well positioned to benefit from the long-term transition to renewable energy, which will require extensive investment in electrical

Commercial Metals Company (CMC) has announced the purchase of EDSCO Fasteners LLC, a provider of anchoring solutions for the electrical transmission market, from MiddleGround Capital. anchor cages, bolts and fasteners are manu- factured principally from rebar and used primarily to secure high voltage electrical transmission poles to concrete foundations. The company serves the North American market from four manufacturing plants located in Texas, Utah, Tennessee and EDSCO’s custom-engineered

Aerospace fastener manufacturer adds VisionLab A major aerospace fastener manufac turer in Pennsylvania, USA, has inte- grated General Inspection’s VisionLab 3D measuring system into its manufac turing process to streamline first-part inspections. measured and displayed with a pass or fail indication. The system accurately measured parts within two microns.

Part feature tolerances are assigned with the appropriate part number and stored in memory for quick recall. The VisionLab 3D gauging system can perform complete inspection in less than five seconds. It can carry out up to 360° profile measurements, and features built-in self calibration. General Inspection, LLC achieve that, the purchaser must have a basic knowledge in spring technology. The training was a win-win for both parts.” Martin Keernik, team leader at Alas-Kuul, was happy with the outcome of the training, which not only deepened the knowledge and relationship between purchasers and technicians, but also led to another training session on gas springs, to be delivered before the summer break. Lesjöfors AB

VisionLab measures the company’s full range of threaded fasteners, reducing inspection times and improving quality. The easy-to-use 3D gauging system can replace multiple manual gauges, such as micrometers, calipers and optical comparators, which are subject to human error. In a few seconds, all dimensions (including lengths, diameters, radii, angles and GD&T features) are

VisionLab is used to inspect aerospace fasteners

Spring knowledge advanced with training day Lesjöfors’ Finnish company has provided a spring training day in Estonia, aimed at giving customers greater knowledge of spring technology.

Lesjöfors group, led the participants through different modules, such as the characteristics of different spring types, calculations and the importance of correct design drawings. The Alas-Kuul team was also provided with a manual of essential spring data, which they could share with their customers to provide the best product solutions. The initiative for the training came from Janne Salminen, technical sales at Lesjöfors Springs Oy, who commented, “It is much easier for us to deliver the optimal spring to the customer if we have accurately designed drawings. To

The company Alas-Kuul is a customer of Lesjöfors Springs Oy (Finland), and serves Estonia and Latvia with a wide product range, from electric motors and welding gear to compressed air equipment and vacuum pumps. Lesjöfors held a training day for ten employees at Alas-Kuul’s head office in Tallinn, Estonia. Stefan Musslinder, group development manager for spring technology in the

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