EuroFasteners May 2023


Flip-Lok shaft collars

Quick-adjust shaft collar A new split-hub flange collar, with an integral lever-operated clamp that can be easily adjusted with one hand and no wrenches, is being introduced by Stafford Manufacturing Corp. and low RPM rotary application. Providing a thumbscrew tension nut that allows for tight clamping when the lever is engaged, the quick-adjust flange collar can handle a 200lb axial load, and is made from aluminium with a black anodised finish.

collars include bagging and packaging machinery, paper rolls and lab equipment. Specials versions in steel, stainless steel and brass are also offered, with modifications to user requirements such as machined mounting holes and keys. Stafford Manufacturing Corp

Stafford’s Flip-Lok™ shaft collar features a split hub and an integral adjustable clamp to let users make easy adjustments for setting up stops for virtually any linear

Available in ten metric sizes (from 8 to 30mm) and 15 inch sizes ( 3 / 8 " to 1 1 / 4 "), applications for Stafford’s Flip-Lok shaft

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EF 6/78

May 2023

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